Finding Balance and Slowing Down

As winter approaches, there is a chill in the air and a sense of doom looming on the horizon.  No, I’m not talking about demons or ghosts or even the newest episode of Walking Dead.  The dread I feel comes from the approaching holiday season. (*Insert scary music here*)  In past years I have tried so diligently to plan out my gifts and my activities so that I won’t run into that last minute frenzy, but year after dreaded year I end up waiting till the last minute and trying to squeeze in new and exciting gift ideas or activities.  This year I have a plan… and it is going to be more mentally taxing than anything I’ve ever tried before.  This year… I am SLOWING DOWN!  OMG… yes, really.

To give you a little background, my predominant dosha is Vata.   If you have not read anything about Doshas or Ayurvedic Medicine, take this fun little quiz found here ->  During the winter, people with a Vata dosha, tend to become even more flighty and energetic.  This explains a LOT about me and my holiday routine.  I am usually happiest when I have about 10 projects all going at the same time.  I enjoy flitting around to project after project

I am all about breaking down my own boundaries and trying new things.  So, that being said, I issued myself a challenge:  “Don’t take on any new projects till after the holidays.”  Yep… seemed so simple, so obvious.  Just don’t take on any new projects… finish what you already have started.  Let me tell you… It has been a challenge!

I’ve had to check myself whenever some new idea pops into my head.  I even have a list of things I want to start after the new year.  At least I will have time to think about whether I actually want to start them for the next couple of months.  It has been really good for me even though it has been hard.  I am able to concentrate on projects I have already started and even get back to some that I have let fall by the wayside.  I have a good schedule for the holidays so that I am pacing everything out.  Maybe that’s a bit too organized, but I am determined to have a relaxing time this winter so I was willing to pull out the big girl organizing pants.

I really feel that this is an important thing to try.  I have been noticing that the more projects I have, the less likely I am able to have time to sit down and just be.  And really, isn’t that one of the limb of yoga?  I’ve been looking more and more into meditation.  I even took a free course by Vishali Varga not too recently.  One of the ideas that really stuck with me from her lessons was the idea of meditating everywhere.  Restricting yourself to simply meditating on a mat or walking in the woods or having certain criteria before allowing yourself to withdraw your senses and slow down is simply another way of placing boundaries on your meditation practice.  By shedding these, we are able to more fully experience a state of enlightenment.  Hopefully by slowing down and focusing more fully on the projects I already have going, I will be able to embody this concept and shed some of these criteria I have about meditating.

What have you tried lately to enhance your yoga practice?  More time on the mat?  Trying to meditate?  Comment and let me know.


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