The story of 8-3-1 and my yoga journey

Me and the love of my life
Me and the love of my life

The year I graduated from High school I found the love of my life at a Fourth of July party.  Years later we would discover that this was actually our 3rd time meeting.  Each time it just wasn’t destined to happen… yet.  Both of us knew this meeting was something special, but were cautious to share our feelings so openly.  Enter the significance of 8-3-1.

One night as we sat chatting and cuddling watching the stars, he tapped 8 (pause), 3 (pause), and then 1 on my back.  I asked him what that meant and he told me to figure it out.  I guessed it must mean “I Love You”.   Weeks later he eventually told me that he did love me, but both of us still occasionally just tap out 8-3-1, smile and think about that night.

I feel that the most important part of life is to put a little love in everything you do.  I have made amazing  friends, been a part of  unbelievable projects, and become someone my co-workers can rely on simply by allowing that love of life to shine through in what I am doing.  I don’t believe that what you do is as important as how you do it.   One of my favorite phrases is “When we let go of what we are, we become what we might be.”  We are not defined by our jobs, our family, our physical body, or even our life situation at the moment.  When we can truly shed these limitations that we place on ourselves, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.  Part of shedding these narrow views we have of ourselves is by loving ourselves and sharing that love with others.

In my yoga practice, I try to show my students how to treat themselves kindly… with love.  When we are too harsh on ourselves, it is easy to give up, to become angry, to become disillusioned with life.  When we treat ourselves lovingly and with compassion, it is much easier to let go of our anger, to try a little harder, and to believe in a light at the end of the tunnel.  Through love,  struggles become easier and our inner light is allowed to shine through.

Please join me as we try to learn how to put a little love in our everyday lives.  I can be contacted through email and will post any upcoming classes that I will be teaching.