Discover your Own Fifth Element (July 2013)

5 elementsMy first series at Bliss Flow Yoga ( starts up July 2nd!  Discover Your Own Fifth Element with me as we groove out to some awesome music from the movie The Fifth Element and find the elements within ourselves.  The series will begin July 2nd with the class Earth.  This will be a grounding practice to start off our series.  From there we will move onto Wind, Rain, Fire, and finally the Fifth Element… a surprise.   What do YOU think it is?

Here is the Lineup… Tuesday Classes are from 6 – 7 pm and Saturday classes are from 8 – 9:15 am

Tuesday July 2nd:  Earth – a grounding practice that will start off the series

Saturday July 6:  Wind- discover how light you can be as we break into some “flying” poses and try to get airborne

Tuesday July 9:  Rain – feel the flowing movements of your body as we explore the fluidity of movement and our bodies

Saturday July 13:  Fire – stoke your inner fire as I lead us through a fast paced and invigorating practice that will leave you ready to start your weekend

Tuesday July 16:  The Fifth Element – Discover what your own fifth element is as we explore some challenging poses

Saturday July 20:  Recap – Come flow with me as we rediscover some of the more challenging poses from this series and end with some uber relaxation

I truly hope you will join me on July 2nd for the kickoff of the series.





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